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Ambiance Is Key

Charleston Hospitality Group knows one thing that sets ourselves apart from the rest in the Hospitality Industry and that is- Ambiance. Ambiance is key here in Charleston, South Carolina, where tourists and locals visit our locations because we sell experiences. From the time our guests walk in the door, have a specialty drink, great appetizer, southern fresh meals and enjoy our live entertainment around our various locations, they leave with the CHG experience and this brings them back. 


Owner, Sam Mustafa, focuses on setting the company’s goals on what areas sets us apart in the eyes of our guests. To help excel business beyond our competitors, Charleston Hospitality Group is working on new interior upgrades at our various locations including our John King Grill & Bar, Eli’s Table and Honky Tonk Saloon. 


Currently our John King Grill & Bar, located off of John & King Street in downtown Charleston, is getting many interior upgrades and we cannot wait for the finished result. CHG took over this location in 2019 and the upgrades have been geared towards a nightclub style with VIP furniture and an upgraded ambiance quality that will allow the space to have better lighting for the dueling piano players and for the dance floor. High quality sound systems and new television sets will also be added enhancing the atmosphere and bringing the guests right into what a Charleston dueling pianos bar should feel like. We want our guests to feel a part of the southern hospitality, while being a VIP in our venue, no matter if they are downstairs enjoying the restaurant or upstairs being entertained by our world-class dueling piano players while drinking the best from our bar.  


Charleston Hospitality Group also owns and runs HonkyTonk Saloon which is an entertainment venue hosting performers – from all over the country from bands to special event performers. This venue includes a country bar, stage, dance floor and pool table room. The recent upgrades to this location has been adding a redesigned stage with the HonkyTonk logo emblazoned in neon, a future instagram photo wall, a “wall of guitars”, and a redesigned VIP lounge. HonkeyTonk Saloon also includes food offerings from our Queology BBQ that started here making it a one stop location for everything country, food, drinks, ambiance, service and top entertainment. 


Another CHG location is Eli’s Table located off Meetings Street in Downtown Charleston. Known for its top brunch, specialty food and drink menu items, beautiful ambiance and Jazz nights, ambiance is our focus to cater to the busy locals and tourists that pass by to dine in. Nightly reservations also book up quickly and CHG is catering to our guests and enhancing the ambiance with future upgrades that include seating, an updated patio area and new artwork for the wall. We want our guests to stay and enjoy the ambiance and take away the feeling of dining at Eli’s Table, which is the name sake of CHG’s owners son.   


Ambiance, beverage, food, guest service, entertainment and returning guests are always a focus in hospitality especially with CHG. There’s always going to be factors to weigh in and handle and that is just part of the territory.  In addition to focusing on upgrades, sales and traffic, the industry continues to face widespread supply chain difficulties. Even though Charleston Hospitality Group has the industry concerns to handle, we always put the guests first and it’s all about making them feel at home while enjoying the experiences of Charleston and beyond.   


With all of the efforts put into our upgrades and great guest service focus, our Toast All Day franchises are also growing outside of South Carolina with 2 new locations opening in Georgia, 1 in Miami and more across the US. We will remain to focus on ambiance and cater to our guests’ experiences as the company grows.  


Looking ahead to 2022- There is optimism for the holiday season and the New 2022 Year which is that guests want to go out, eat and be entertained especially with having to miss out on so much last year. Many travelers are making up for lost time with celebrations and CHG wants to be a part of them all.  


With our new upgrades around our locations, our guests will be walking into a new phase of CHG restaurants and entertainment venues. We all have been personal guests of restaurants and other venues so we know the feeling of walking into a location and thinking “Wow, they really put a lot of effort into this’ ‘ and we want our guests to feel the same.