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Lowcountry restaurants feel impact of nationwide supply chain issues

Lowcountry Restaurants Facing Supply Chain Issues

Lowcountry restaurants already dealing with a staffing shortage are now facing impacts from a nationwide shortage of seafood, chicken, and some other meats.

The coronavirus pandemic forced many places to close and the demand for products decreased, but as businesses open back up, production can’t keep up with the demand.

The effects of supply chain issues are being felt in the Charleston area and all over the country.

“The supply chains that are coming down into the peninsula and all of Charleston are getting strained along the way, so less product from the manufacturer means less product that makes it to the wholesaler, less product makes it to the retailer, less product makes it to the store at an increased price, and that has to be passed on to somebody,” Charleston Hospitality Group director of operations Jeff Diehl said.

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